CAREPROVIDER(can activate available/unavailable)

Indicate availability or not by clicking on the required button on the dashboard

Careprovider gets a beep sound indicating that a care receiver is ready to chat

Careprovider remains MUST maintain professionality through every chat and contact

It is the careprovider's duty to ensure the carereciever is satisfied as all FINANCIAL dealings of the care provider with nedmedicare.com is subject to the SATISFACTION of the patient.

Care provider MUST not demand for any form of financial favor or related favor that'll tarnish the reputation of nedmedicare.com

Care provider promise to be sincere, informed and accurate in every dealings with care reciever on each contact.

Care provider accepts to be blocked from rendering further services on nedmedicare.com if feedback from care reciever proves that careprovider is available, but does not follow up on a chat request, leading to loss of access.

Careprovider accepts that monthly financial emolument is subject to total accumulated points as indicated on the care provider's dashboard

Careprovider also accept that accumulation of points is subject to satisfactory service provider to the care receiver.

The careprovider MAY request the care receiver to acknowledge SATISFIED on care receiver's dashboard after each chat

Careprovider acknowledge that this request is to satisfied at the care receiver's discretion.