CANCELLATION POLICY ICARE-NG.COM provides the registered Healthcare Seeker with the opportunity to book and plan appointments with a Healthcare Provider. However, due to certain circumstances, it can be necessary to cancel an appointment or re-schedule it. cancellation policy therefore aims at making it possible both for Healthcare Provider and Healthcare Seeker to cancel or re-schedule booked appointments and hereby provides the terms of the cancellation policy.

This cancellation policy is applicable for online booked appointments only wherein there exists a valid subscription.

This cancellation policy does not apply to any form of consultation for which no monetary transaction has taken place on

No-Shows Healthcare Provider

If the Healthcare Provider does not cancel the confirmed appointment & does not show up for the booked consultation within 30 minutes after the appointed time, then Healthcare Provider will be marked as a No-Show and Healthcare Seeker will be required to seek an available healthcare provider or request in writing via for an additional access

Inappropriate use:

We monitor the use of this service and we are sure that you will find it useful. However if we find any abuse of the service, we will revoke your access to the service. considers the following as inappropriate use of the Services:

Sending inappropriate or abusive messages

Issues with the server of or with the Healthcare Provider’s infrastructure leading to unproductive booking of appointments

Infrastructure here is defined to include but not be limited to: Computing device & its associated peripherals (mobile, laptop, PC, Mac, tablet, keyboard etc.), Internet connectivity, electrical connectivity and any physical setup (tables, chair, space etc.). Should the booking of appointment become materially impossible due to any issues at our server or Healthcare Provider’s infrastructure, please raise a complaint with us through the online contact form. will investigate the matter and should the fault lie with’s or the Healthcare Provider’s infrastructure, Healthcare Seeker will be refunded with the access time.

Any issues with Healthcare Seeker’s infrastructure shall be deemed the exclusive responsibility of Healthcare Seeker and as such will not entitle him/her to any refunds of utilized access time.


Healthcare Seeker is responsible for choosing the day and time of the appointment with the selected Healthcare Provider

Healthcare Seeker is responsible for cancelling on time a booked appointment with Healthcare Provider

Healthcare Seeker accept to initiate consultation with an available healthcare provider ONLY

Healthcare Seeker accepts to indicate whether satisfied or not satisfied after a consultation with a Healthcare provider, this is on the request of the Health provider.

Healthcare Seeker can initiate consultation with more than one healthcare provider once logged in; this will enable Healthcare seeker access maximum health information as the case may be

Healthcare Seeker must ensure a functional email as further information including but not limited to prescription, laboratory examination(s) will be sent there.


Healthcare Provider will be available for consultation services to Healthcare Seeker at the appointed time

Healthcare Provider is responsible for cancelling on time a booked appointment with Healthcare Seeker

Healthcare can activate available or unavailable on the dashboard

Indicate availability or not by clicking on the required button on the dashboard

Healthcare provider gets a beep sound indicating that a care seeker is ready for consultation

Healthcare provider agrees to maintain professionalism through every consultation

It is the healthcare provider's duty to ensure the healthcare seeker is satisfied, as all FINANCIAL dealings of the healthcare provider with is subject to the SATISFACTION of the healthcare seeker.

Healthcare provider agrees not to demand for any form of financial or related favour that'll tarnish the reputation of

Healthcare provider agrees to be sincere, informed and accurate in all dealing with healthcare seeker on each consultation.

Healthcare provider accepts to be blocked from rendering further services on if feedback from healthcare seeker proves that healthcare provider is available, but does not follow up on a consultation request, leading to loss of access.

Healthcare provider accepts that monthly financial emolument is subject to total accumulated points as indicated on the healthcare provider's dashboard

Healthcare provider also accepts that accumulation of points is subject to satisfactory service provider to the healthcare seeker.

Healthcare provider MAY request the care seeker to acknowledge ‘SATISFIED’ on care seeker's dashboard after each consultation

Healthcare provider acknowledges that this request is to be satisfied at the care seeker's discretion.