About us

Health is wealth, so says an ancient English proverb. This statement has been found to be true in all ramifications. Towards this end, the platform icare-ng.com is indeed driven to achieve that goal.

icare-ng.com is a healthcare initiative that brings a healthcare provider and healthcare seekers on a common e-platform.

It has been established that access to healthcare is fast becoming a mirage to the larger world populace, especially in developing countries.

In sub-saharan Africa, this scenario is most appalling. Mortality is on the increase and continually on the rise due to access to minimal quality healthcare facilities and healthcare providers.

There are profoundly existing issues of cost, long queues and distance in accessing healthcare that makes these a miserable tale.

Information and access to information is very vital to sustain good health and reduce mortality rate. Our aim is to achieve this goal by bridging the information gap via the icare-ng.com platform, where a prospective healthcare seeker can interact with a qualified healthcare personnel from the comfort of a home, office, remotely, and thereby eliminating distance as a barrier.

Likewise, icare-ng.com has seen that the cost of getting a better healthcare service is beyond the reach of some, and so we decided to come up with an affordable and better plan for all.

We hope to keep our esteemed clients informed via our blog section. There you will find continually updated information that promote healthy living, fitness and trending research breakthrough.

Be rest assured that your safety is a matter of concern to us. icare-ng.com, your passport to a better healthcare service.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a technologically competent, affordable, innovative, and accessible ehealth services for all at the shortest possible time.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a reliable and informative ehealth platform that complement and support the current effort in the health sector.